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Funny Meeting You Here…

It really was a dark and stormy night. My friend and Chief of the ER [...]


Patriotism 101: The Naturalization of Markus Zirn

“We will read the name of each country represented here today. As your country is [...]

My Pubic Mohawk

“Do you know you have varicocele?” the doctor said, matter-of-factly. I said, “Huh? What is [...]

The Investiture of Troop 23

  “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.”  – William Faulkner   Fifteen [...]

C.S. Lewis and a Life-Changing Event

I was attending a speech writers’ conference in New York. At the end of day one, [...]


Terrific TV Commercials

 “You are good at a lot of things, but parallel parking isn’t one of them.” [...]

History of PowerSpeaking, Inc.

Every time we brought on a new employee or trainer, we told the same old [...]

Saying Goodbye to Dena

Like many people, my childhood attempts to learn music had been painful affairs. For example, [...]

Photography: the Shortest Distance Between Two Hearts

Talk about connecting two hearts. My friend Harlan Crowder got this amazing shot in Cuba [...]


Fitness is a journey

This is disgusting! Unfortunately, this is how I looked in September. The writing on my [...]


Photography: The Shortest Distance Between Two Hearts

Cal vs Washington, October 11, 2014 Berkeley, Sproul Plaza, 2:00PM. First, in came the cheerleaders, [...]


Oddities of Human Behavior and Language

Behavior  • Passivity. Why do people stand on the moving walkway in airports, or on [...]


Finding Your Roots

My grandfather was a soldier, So my father could be a businessman, So I could [...]

Human Caused Global Warming: The Real Doom and Gloom

I‘m amazed in recent years how the climate crisis is discussed in the media, and [...]


An Evening of Iron Workers Photography

Thursday Evening, November 20, 2014 Thirty people battled cold rainy weather to come to the [...]

Reflections of an Irreverent Entrepreneur

With my retirement I’ve been reflecting on what made PowerSpeaking successful over the past three [...]


Oh, oh. The Mayor’s Daughter Has Syphilis

On the spot diagnosis of syphilis requires a “darkfield microscope.” As a new public health [...]

Hooray for People Magazine!

I disdain People Magazine. I disdain celebrity gossip. You will never see a copy of [...]


How To Shoot a Wedding For Free (Almost)

You are invited to the wedding of a relative or friend. Why not contribute to [...]

Absurd TV Ads: Viagra and PowerSpeaking

Have you noticed recently how TV ads for medical products follow a strange pattern? They [...]

A Transition and A New Beginning

As you have already seen from Mary’s note, last week she wrote me a check, [...]

PowerSpeaking Founder Retires!

After 30 years in the business, I am out of PowerSpeaking, Inc. To make it [...]

Tales of Therapy, Part Deux

An Encounter Group Miracle The pretty blond in her late 20s had been quiet during [...]


Photography: The Shortest Distance Between Two Hearts

A Street Musician Recently I attended a workshop on portrait photography in Santa Fe, NM. [...]