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Small Group / Great Results

Greg Woloszczuk had the best of intentions. He planned to raise money and collect food for [...]

Fire on the plane?

  Final leg of my month-long journey. Delta flight 1145 from Detroit to SFO: What [...]

An Evening with Jon Hendricks

 A magical evening with Jon and Judith Hendricks in Toledo. Lambert, Hendricks, and Ross formed [...]


What’s Happening in Toledo?

Left Boston yesterday for Detroit. Rented a car and drove to Toledo. Why Toledo? On [...]

The Final Hoorah

EMC / Mass Challange This was it! The final book review on my tour. Up [...]

WCHL Radio Interview

Radio Interview today: WCHL, Chapel Hill, NC.                 [...]

The Joys of a Small Group

James Brown was called “The Hardest Working Man in Show Business.” From what I can [...]

God bless information kiosks

Today the unthinkable happened. I got off the plane at RTP, thinking only of getting [...]

Engineering vs. Sales

On Monday, October 7, Tess and I visited Enterasys in Salem, New Hampshire to interview [...]

Shrink-wrapping your boat!

Let’s say you own a boat that is docked in the harbor at South Portland, [...]

A fall day in Maine

Driving north west from Portland, I discovered lots of changing colors. This time of year, [...]

Great review at Biogen Idec

Monday, October 7, 2013.  Tess and I met with the people from Biogen Idec just [...]

Visiting “The Mother Church”

In Boston now being hosted by Tess Stern and Tommy Salter. Tess and I are [...]

A night with Ravi Coltrane

  What if your father was named John Coltrane? Would you go into jazz as [...]

A revolution at Penn State

It was my pleasure Wednesday to present Speaking Up to 150 engineering students at Penn [...]

Who are your mentors?

Who are (were) your mentors? If you have the pleasure of seeing the new musical, [...]

Think your job is hard?

Meet “Muhammad,” (not his real name.) Muhammad drove me 60 blocks down Manhattan this morning. [...]

A day in The Big Apple!

End of week #1. Staying with Ray and Harriet Mayeri in their great west side [...]


The world’s most valuable tool???

To paraphrase Jack Benny, Stick up man: “Your iPhone or your life!” Me: “Wait a [...]

Brig. General = CEO

“Tell the General what decision you want him to make right up front,” said Army [...]

An artist at work

While doing two presentations at Hallmark Cards in Kansas City for the past two days, [...]