Recent Photography and MAGA Paradise

Recent Photography

Iron Worker Ghosts

Existential Dread


Morning Sun

Lots of Botanical Sexuality Happening on Harrison Ave.

Oh Come and Get My DNA

A Great Day for the MAGA Base

(Dear readers: this is parody. This is how Trumpism leads us back to the good ol’ 900s!)

  • Embryos are Children. What’s next? Males masturbating is murder, that’s what. Spend the rest of your life in prison.  Have an abortion? You will be put to death (kill a fetus, we kill you).
  • Gay Marriage. Alito wants to overturn this decision. About time. Commit sodomy – go to prison.
  • Birth Control. Clarence Thomas wants to outlaw it. Yes. Back the 50s.Please tell no one about my vasectomy. I’ve heard that will also become a capital offense.
  • Sex Outside Marriage? You will be stoned to death, just like the Bible says.
  • Interracial Marriage. Let’s review the Loving decision. No more. Clarence Thomas’ and Mitch McConnell’s marriages will become illegal.

Other exciting possibilities coming down the road:

  • Overturn Brown v. Board of Education. Back to “Separate but equal.”
  • Separation of Church and State. What demented commie / atheist came up with that idea? This country was founded by God. Our currency should say, “What would Jesus do?” There’s a good reason people are saying Trump was sent by God. It is time we put the Ten Commandments on every public building in town.
  • School Prayer? You bet. Three or four times a day. If your liberal, pinko parents have a problem with that, tell ’em to do home schooling.
  • Cruel and Unusual Punishment? From now on, you steal, we cut off your hands.  There isn’t much stealing in Iran!
  • Second Amendment. Clearly it meant to include tanks, attack helicopters and low-yield nuclear weapons.
  • School Choice. The end of public education! Privatize everything. If you can’t afford private education, too bad. You just didn’t work hard enough, or, it is God’s plan for you. Puleeeze, why would poor people want education anyway? They don’t need to be able to read to work in the rich man’s field.
  • Public Universities. Put an end to land-grant and other colleges. If you can’t afford a fine private education, you don’t deserve to go to college. San Francisco State University…ha, ha, ha. You’ve got to be kidding.
  • End Social Security, Medicare, and Obamacare. As my enlightened, Ayn Rand father used to say about tax-supported “safety net” social programs, “Why the hell is that my problem!”
  • Reverse the 19th., 13th., and 15th Amendments. Why would we want to let women and former enslaved people vote? In fact, maybe slavery wasn’t such a bad idea after all. Remember, our sacred Bible says it is OK. Hopefully, we will return to a time when only white, wealthy landowners can vote. After all, they know what is best.
  • Child labor laws? Labor unions? Five-day, 40-hour work week? Give me a break. We’re happy hoeing in the field all day, every day, from daybreak to sunset. What else do we have to do?
  • Rethink the Declaration of Independence. So what was so bad about being ruled by a king? This democracy thing just isn’t working out.
  • The Magna Carta. Time to go back to the 1200s and dump the Magna Carta. Why are these personal rights so damned important anyway? Look at it this way, as Serfs working in the fields, we will be taken care of by our Lords. We won’t have to worry about all this messy democratic decision making. . .

A new day for us at MAGA !

4 thoughts on “Recent Photography and MAGA Paradise

  1. Susan Page says:

    This is an especially great post. I love it. The photos are fantastic, gorgeous, provocative, feast for the eyes. And the MAGA manifesto is perfect. All of that is the natural outcomes of their philosophy. The sad thing is, that’s what they really think!!! You’ve missed your calling, Rick. You need to go to work for THEM. They need you.

  2. Fritz Brauner says:

    Rick –
    Those AI-generated photographs are so realistic looking!
    Hard to believe that photographers used to ride up – illegally – in construction elevators to take real pictures of real people 50 or more feet off the ground. Now it can all be done in the comfort of your own man-cave. No risk, no reality.
    Never again will hay fever or other plant allergies be a concern for human photographers creating AI-generated images of plants, some of which may not actually exist.
    Never again need to wait for a sunny morning to take the perfect early morning photo. AI doesn’t need to know what the weather actually is. Just tell it what you want it to be, and your wish is its command. Makes you wonder: will there be artificial weather people on TV making artificial weather forecasts?

    Remember “Is it real or is it Memorex?” Deja vu all over again.

  3. Suzanne Quentin says:

    I can’t seem to shake the hope that one day, these MAGA lovers are going to snap out of lala-land and realize they took the wrong pill. It’ll be ‘just like magic’, I heard someone once say. 😉 Keep bringing life to our doorstep with your fabulous photos and mostly importantly, keep humoring away, Rick Gilbert! You’re a gem!

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