Book Sales Donations

Book Sale Donations

Freedom From Religion Foundation ($500)

They fight for the separation of church and state. They win legal battles nationwide on such things as Christian prayers before Friday night football games in public schools. Clearly unconstitutional.

Compassion and Choices ($500)

Working to make Medical Aid in Dying (MAID) legal in all fifty states.

Saybrook University ($500)

Where I got my doctorate in Humanistic Psychology. The methodology I learned there doing my dissertation research was central to the research PowerSpeaking, Inc. used to uncover the secrets of speaking to senior executives.

Redwood City Planned Parenthood ($1,500)

I met with Center Director Camille Davis. I explained that the cash donation was to help her with whatever her patient or staff needs might be. She said an immediate need  was for toys in their lobby for the children of women who were coming for healthcare and family planning.

Planned Parenthood Protesters

On the rainy day last week when I made my donation, I noticed “anti-choice” protesters in front of the building. I wanted to hear their story. (They would not allow video, but a photo would be OK.)

R: “Hi. You must be really committed to be out here in the cold and the rain. I’m Rick.”

F: “I’m Fiona. Yes, we are committed. These fetuses are in God’s image and should not be murdered.”

R: “While I wouldn’t use the word ‘murder,’ I do not value an embryo or fetus as much as the life choices of the mother. Her choices about her future and whether to have or not have a baby are WAY more important to me than a clump of cells. Also, I don’t believe in the God you mention. I do believe in evolution. So, this clump of cells comes via Mr. Charles Darwin, not from a pretend God.” Fiona laughed.

R: “Do I detect an Irish accent?”

F: (eyes brightening) “Yes, I came from Belfast 30 years ago for a nursing job at Stanford. I’m retired now.”

R: “My grandmother came from Belfast in 1900. Maybe we are related.

No opinions were changed. But we talked and we listened. Maybe that is the best we can hope for.

As we talked, several cars went by honking and giving Fiona a thumbs up. Maybe there is more support for her position in RWC than I’d expect.

7 thoughts on “Book Sales Donations

  1. Rebecca L Smith says:

    Rick–I still love the way you gently prod folks to tell their ‘truth’…a really good follow on question for anti-choice folks is: how many children have you adopted?

  2. Susan Page says:

    Great causes you are supporting. I love that question: How many children have you adopted? Maybe also: Will you agree to support a mother and her child who live in poverty, when the mother knows she cannot afford to raise a baby?

  3. Kathy Teakle says:

    Hi Ricki do love the “how many children have you adopted” comeback. Also ,”will you support an impoverished mother and her child?”.. Anyway, thanks for those thoughtful donations and also for my free book plus outrageous postage. Please note my gmail address.

  4. Kathy says:

    Another question you could ask is, “Does PP support women who go into a depression after their abortion because they regret their decision to have an abortion?”

  5. Chris May says:

    I would be curious her thoughts on capital punishment? Fairly generic argument if she’s going to stand out there all day referencing the bible and carrying a sign with an over simplistic message/solution? Go back and ask her thoughts on
    Roman 2:3
    Matthew 5:38-40
    Luke 6:37
    Then give a bumper sticker that says “I support whirled peas” and ask her to watch the Netflix series “The Family”

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