Photographic Reflections

About the book

Our world is filled with beauty and inspiration. Through photography and stories, this book explores some of this grandeur. On this photographic journey of discovery, you will meet iron workers, street vendors, forest rangers, musicians, athletes, artists, teachers, and drag racers, among others.

Read my blog post describing the essence of Photographic Reflections to learn more about my new book by clicking here.

donated proceeds

All proceeds from this book are being donated to:

Planned Parenthood 

Supplying (often young) women with effective birth control, and abortions if necessary, giving them options for their reproductive futures.

Compassion and Choices

Working nation-wide to promote MAID (Medical Aid in Dying) in all 50 states. 

Freedom From Religion Foundation

Working to keep church and state separate so that religion does not prevent people from making their own decisions at both the beginning and the end of life (see above).

Thank you for your support. 

How to Purchase Photographic Reflections

To get a copy, send $30 (checks and cash only, please), includes shipping and handling to:

Rick Gilbert
1233 Harrison Ave.
Redwood City, CA  94062

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About the Author

I grew up in Berkeley in the 50s and 60s, and graduated from San Francisco State and The Saybrook Institute. After a career in psychology, I moved on to corporate life with Hewlett Packard and Amdahl.  In 1985, I started PowerSpeaking, Inc., a Silicon Valley communication company. I retired in 2014.

Photography has been a serious part of my life from the time I got my first Brownie when I was 12. Throughout my career, photography and video have been an important resource for all my work.

Photographic Reflections is my first full-on photography book. Blending all parts of my background, I like to joke, If Sigmund Freud and Annie Leibovitz had a baby, it would be this book.

Reactions to Photographic Reflections

“It’s aptly titled: every page is worthy of reflection. Just wonderful, artistic, and unique. It’s hard to put it down.”

Melinda Henning

“Photographic Reflections is inspirational, beautifully done. It brings together so many people and past events to life. I shall cherish it.”

Anna G. Eshoo, Member of Congress

“A book is a resting place for the memories of people who have lived before. A way for the memory to stay fixed after the soul has traveled on.”

Anthony Doerr

“Photographic Reflections is a resting place for your memories that will stay fixed long after your soul has moved on.”

Mark Shaw

“You have captured time, Rick. Your personal seen beauty along the way enriches us all.

Reading and re-reading your volume brings it all back, the beauty and the other. Bravo!”

Jim Hunolt

“A tour de force. The photos, the humor, and history are amazing. You have such special gifts.

Wish I had more of Rick in me.”

Tom Crotty

“It really flows and holds together and becomes one unified summary of a vibrant life, lived to the full—illustrated with words and photos that make it totally unique. Thank you for the gift of these insights. It cheers me to peruse it.

A+ (this is going on your permanent record!)”

Brigitte Carnochan, Photographer

“Touches all kinds of emotions. Laughs are frequent and heartwarming.”

Nancy Gilliland

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