Sharing our stories: tales of resilience and renewal

Scheduled for Release in Late 2021!

Why Listen To This Book?

Content: The book covers the arc of our lives: Childhood; Adulthood; Elderhood. No-holds-barred interviews with a wide range of lively people including; CEOs; iron workers; street vendors; musicians; storytellers; dancers; therapists and physicians. It also includes snippets from Rick’s one-man shows in front of live audiences.

People: Along with ordinary people, interviewees include well know people from fields as diverse as jazz, politics and drag racing: Chris Brubeck; Daniel Ellsberg; Big Daddy Don Garlits; Gloria Steinem; Congress woman Anna Eshoo. 

Topics: sex, religion, politics, childhood, mentors, risk-taking, business, medical challenges, humor, old age, and the meaning of our lives.

What People Are Saying…

“You have a gift.”

Harlan Crowder

“You gave me a wild ride.”

Mark Shaw

“OMG – you’re amazing!”

Brigitte Carnochan

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