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Speaking Up Interview and Book Review with Tabitha Farrar

Tabitha Farrar is CMO for a Boulder company, Twine, that specializes in workplace communications. She [...]

Using a Microphone Correctly

Whether speaking at a wedding, a funeral, or a critical business meeting, you will find [...]

Commonwealth Club Silicon Valley presentation

Unfortunately, due to low enrollment, my Commonwealth Club Silicon Valley presentation has been canceled. Very [...]

A Shining City on the Hill

How Metaphor Can Touch Your Audience by Rick Gilbert   “All the world’s a stage.”  [...]


Three Tips to Get Decision Makers to Listen

  #1 Get to the point in 30 seconds  Make your first line your bottom [...]

Handling the Seven Deadly Challenges at the Top

In our research with senior leaders and middle management, we discovered there are seven communication [...]

The John Rose Farewell

Setting in time and place  The date was September 10, 1953. I was in the [...]


The Russians gave us PowerPoint’s bulleted lists!

Michael Alley mused that PowerPoint is so bad, it must have been given to us [...]