The Russians gave us PowerPoint’s bulleted lists!

Michael Alley mused that PowerPoint is so bad, it must have been given to us by our global enemy to ruin our economy from the inside.

The author of this madness is a professor of engineering at Penn State University. The second edition of his book, The Craft of Scientific Presentations, features his extensive research to prove once and for all that using PowerPoint defaults reduce the effectiveness of presentation slides. People just can not remember the mind-numbing bullet point lists given to us in PowerPoint.

Michael’s concern is that scientists and engineers do important work that makes life better and our economy stronger, but they don’t present their results well because PowerPoint is dragging them down. Alley recommends using sentence headlines and lots of graphics.

Michael recently visited PowerSpeaking and agreed to let me video him:






Alley’s book is available through Amazon.


Best quote: “Content without style goes unnoticed.
Style without content has no meaning.”

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