The Final Hoorah

EMC / Mass Challange

This was it! The final book review on my tour. Up at 4:30AM in RTP, onto the plane at 7:00AM and on site in Boston at 10:00AM. I had been invited by Sheryl Chamberlain to be the final speaker in a half day program for women in business co-sponsored by EMC and Mass Challenge.

The morning consisted of a panel of five women who shared their advice, wisdom, and experience to help other women navigate the choppy waters of a professional career in corporate America. I got there in time to hear most of the panel. The advice was in line with what I was about to say from the world of top-level decision makers. 

After a break at noon, and the delivery of pizza, I got started about 12:15. The group was responsive and lively. The most gratifying part for me was at the end when several people said they had immediate use for these skills for upcoming presentations or interviews.

Sheryl was happy with the presentation. I’ll be doing a repeat in California at EMC in November. Fortunately, Tess Stern, our Director of Sales in Boston, was able to attend and connected with a number of people there. Who knows what the demand could be in the future. 

I arrived at my hotel about 4:00PM and totally crashed. Out of gas. Exhausted. I vegged out on a shoot ’em up movie and a huge plate of pasta with white cream sauce. I’m going to bed early. The trip is catching up with me. I’m looking forward to getting home on Saturday… but not to worry… the blogs will keep coming.

Tomorrow I leave for Toledo, Ohio to have a visit with jazz singer Jon Hendricks, of Lambert, Hendricks, and Ross fame. I interviewed him for my dissertation reserach 40 years ago. I’m giving him a copy of the dissertation and a CD of the interview. Like my meeting with Yvonne Harris, it is something about coming full circle in my life. 

Who knows, I may even have a video of Jon for the blog.





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