Great review at Biogen Idec

Monday, October 7, 2013. 

Tess and I met with the people from Biogen Idec just outside Boston to do a one hour Speaking Up book review.

They went all out advertising the session. Great fun with about 60 people.

I used small group interaction to get people to consider solutions to the “Seven Deadly Challanges” in presenting to executives.


Summary of the entire talk breaks down to three take away points: 

1) Get to the point in 30 seconds; 2) Show fewer slides and have more discussion

3) Use improv as Stevie Wonder did in Fingertips Part II – his first #1 record that was totally improv as the bass played frantically yells “What key? What key?”


Have always loved the Bunker Hill Bridge in Boston which we passed over on the way back to the hotel…

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