An Evening of Iron Workers Photography

Thursday Evening, November 20, 2014

Thirty people battled cold rainy weather to come to the Talk of Broadway restaurant in downtown Redwood City to see my new show featuring the Iron Workers who helped build Crossing 900. 

Iron Worker stories carried the day. People liked hearing how the photos were made, but were more enthralled with the stories of the Iron Workers themselves; where they came from, their backgrounds, (some have prison records), and the pride they feel in this most dangerous work. 

My favorite take away from the evening came from Sue Neville: “Your photos look terrific at the Talk of Broadway, and I can imagine them becoming the talk of Redwood City.” 

For photographers who want people to see our work, maybe restaurants are an alternative to galleries which can be hard to get into. Here’s to Ham ’n’ Eggs and Ansel Adams!

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