History of PowerSpeaking, Inc.

Every time we brought on a new employee or trainer, we told the same old story of our humble beginnings and proud development all over again. It dawned on me, why not make a cd and let people listen at their leisure.

Over the course of several months, we interviewed 28 people: staff, trainers, board members, and clients. The project was managed by Lisa Rothman and Susannah Baldwin who both have backgrounds in radio. We pressed 50 copies. We now have just ten left.  I decided to put the program up on my blog so people could listen without the hassle of cds.

Doubt many will want to hear the whole two hours of the program, but who knows. There is also an eleven minute version.

So here it is, the history, content, and culture of PowerSpeaking, Inc. Dig in.




Shorter Version

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