Love Jazz Piano? Meet Taylor Eigsti.

Menlo Park native and two-time Grammy nominated Taylor Eigsti was featured again this year at the Stanford Jazz Festival. I was able to film him and his quartet in rehearsal and to interview him in between engagements. Among his many musical accomplishments, at age 14 he was invited to tour with The Brubeck Brothers.

My favorite Taylor quote came when he was asked by an interviewer why he plays jazz; “Because you get to make stuff up.” I think you will enjoy getting to know Taylor Eigsti in this short video interview.


5 thoughts on “Love Jazz Piano? Meet Taylor Eigsti.

  1. Mark Shaw says:

    Superb interview. Touching stories in such a short piece. Two that stand out. His sister, with fatal cancer, playing with the Doobie Brothers at Shoreline. And. The story of when he was eight asking his father how much his favorite piano player had to pay to play. Then finding out you get paid. Oh to have a vision at 8 of what you wanted from life. A lovely video on a quiet Christmas morning.

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  3. Bob Kremers says:

    The life of a professional musician. He gets to the meat of it. I especially liked the two out of three rule. Very nicely done, Rick.

  4. Holley Wysong says:

    I really enjoyed learning about this musician and his life. Mark and Bob have already mentioned what I consider to be the highlights. Very good piece, very economical.

  5. Mary Warren says:

    What an engaging man- doing what he loves and loving what he’s doing. Good life lessons as well. Thanks for sharing this, Rick.

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