Hooray For Taylor Eigsti

Taylor Eigsti Wins a Grammy

I interviewed jazz pianist Taylor Eigsti in 2017. What a thrill to see him win a Grammy after being nominated two other times.

Take a look at this wonderful interview as he gives advice to younger players coming up: Play for three things: Good Music; Good People; Good Money. Never play for just one thing. Also, why he became a musician, “What??? You get paid to do this? Guess I’m a musician then.”

Love Jazz Piano? Meet Taylor Eigsti.

White Privilege and the Oscar Slap 

With all the uproar about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock, one question that has not been discussed is race. A day later, I did a “thought experiment.” What if the comedian on stage had been white? Billy Crystal? Steve Martin? Jimmy Kimmel? My guess…the SWAT TEAM would have been there in 30 seconds. Smith would’ve been roughed up, smashed to the floor and lead out in cuffs. What do you think?


Q: What Do the Civil War and Abortion Have in Common?

A: Free Labor

The Civil War was about the southern wealthy elites fighting to maintain their free labor to keep them rich. It was the educated, ivy league, east-coast Yankee elites who were coming in and wrecking their economy. The exact same thing is behind the abortion problem.

Who benefits from forcing poor women to have babies they cannot afford and do not want? It is the same people who benefited from slave labor in the south. Forcing poor women to pump out babies gives the elite a needed supply of labor for their military adventures, and to run their fast food joints like McDonald’s. Nothing at all to do with God or respect for human life. It is only respect for wealth. As with most things, just follow the money. So, the questions is: “Who makes money from forcing poor women to have babies (when Roe v. Wade is overturned)?”


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