Guns: Same ol’ Same ol’

Same ol’ Same ol’

Republicans: Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families.

Dems: We need to reduce the size of magazines to 10 bullets. Then gunmen can kill only 10 children before reloading.

Media to Crying Parent: How does it feel to lose your child?

Crying Parent: We’re a small tight-knit Christian community. Never thought this could happen here.*

Grandmother’s Last Words: Please don’t kill me.

Governor / President / Senator: My goodness. We really must do something about gun violence. But, this is not the time to talk about guns. Let’s talk about mental health.

Local Church Leader: He was a quiet boy. He loved video games. Kept to himself, mostly.

Absolutely No One: Repeal the goddamned Second Amendment.**


* David Brooks (NYT) Column called: America Is Falling Apart at the Seams: “As a columnist, I’m supposed to have some answers. But I just don’t right now. I just know the situation is dire.”
** RG (Jackie Speier too) Failing total repeal, begin showing on national TV and in national magazines unedited police photos of the mangled, blood-splattered, bullet-riddled bodies of little children. Rub our noses in it. Change would happen by the following week. (Oh, but wait… we don’t want to upset anyone, or offend our sponsors)


Capitalism (greed) + Religion (magical thinking) + Mental illness + Unfettered access to guns = World-class slaughter

Capitalism (greed) + Religion (magical thinking) + Mental illness + No Second Amendment = Rock throwing and shouting obscenities

11 thoughts on “Guns: Same ol’ Same ol’

  1. Moira Kavanaugh says:

    Agree Rick! Sent you Instagram of Steve Kerr (Warriors Coach) interview/speech yesterday where he refused to talk basketball and gave a strong message to the senate and anyone who will listen. Haven’t heard the option of repealing the second amendment before…makes sense to me!

  2. Hal says:

    Every time this happens I dread the round-the-clock news coverage by the talking heads and the.
    thoughts and prayers bullshit. Let’s get on with it and stop the “yes but” crap.

  3. Lil Schaller says:

    Being currently on vacation in Denmark, my family here asks how Americans can let this happen again and again. I give up. How can we???!!!

  4. Mark Shaw says:

    I am ashamed to admit that I can no longer generate the anger Steve Kerr (see Moira’s note above) channeled just hours after the event and moments before game 4 of their playoff game. Instead I feel hopelessness. It’s like the movie, “Don’t look up.” An unspeakable tragedy is upon us and we circle around our tried and true tropes. Many of those which Rick captured in his blog. One group says it is long past time to get rid of these insane weapons and another group says we should arm teachers. Meanwhile a record number of guns and ammo were sold the day after the shooting. This whole thing makes me sick. I am sorry that I can find better words say or better actions to take. Oh, and after those stirring words from Kerr, the game was played. After a moment of silence. Of course. Dallas won.

    • Melinda Henning says:

      I get that, Mark. It tends to just sap the energy out of one. It’s hard to keep faith that it will ever get better, more loving, more human, more sensible. I want to resign from the US. (How about New Zealand? Jacinda explained, “we just got rid of them”. Duh.

  5. George O. Petty says:

    These have become copycat crimes. Seems to me we need to overcome freedom of press rights and prohibit publication of the names and photos of the perpetrators for all time. There’s no valid reason to make child murderers famous. Gun advocates (“people, not guns, kill”) should support this.

  6. Hal says:

    From a news article about shootings over the weekend in South Carolina:
    ” A preliminary count found that gun violence left at least 156 people dead and 412 injured from 5 p.m. Friday to 5 a.m. Tuesday (across the US) , the Gun Violence Archive
    said.” WTF????

  7. Ingrid Fermin says:

    Watching these Republican Senators dance around trying to find excuses for themselves and their inaction is sickening.
    Ted Cruz is one of the most disgusting people on this planet.

  8. John Warren says:

    This is the last paragraph in an article in Fosters Daily Democrat:
    “The time has long come to change the 2nd amendment so that we can restore domestic tranquility and promote the general welfare for ourselves and our posterity. This does not mean that all types of guns should be prohibited, but that gun ownership should require sensible regulation and limits, as with any other constitutional right. To allow our domestic tranquility and general welfare to continue to be sacrificed on the alter of the 2nd amendment, words written 230 years ago, violates the basic foundations upon which our constitution was adopted.”

    The article also stated: “Today, with over 300 million guns, including many semi-automatic weapons, weapons that the drafters of the constitution could never imagine, circulating in America, our domestic tranquility and general welfare is being destroyed by the misguided interpretation of the same 2nd amendment designed to promote them.”

    The framers only knew of single shot flintlock rifles. That’s what they imagined when they wrote about bearing arms.

    Simply modify the 2nd Amendment to read as intended:
    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear single shot flintlock rifles, shall not be infringed.

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