Sharing Our Stories Audiobook Hits the Bigtime

The Big Time!

Sharing Our Stories: Tales of Resilience and Renewal has just been released on dozens of sites across the Internet.

Ha, right up there with Bob Woodward and Matthew McConaughey. What a rush.
Some other sites you can find my audiobook listed are:






Google Play

You can also find this book on Apple Books if you have apple devices.

Of course, you can buy the book on any of these sites, or on my page:  Download, or as a USB Thumb Drive.

If you listen to the book, and care to write a review on one of these sites, that would be great. Big challenge now is to get the word out.


Celebrity Corner

We attended a promotional event last week for a new film about the famous chef and food author, MFK Fisher. Celebrity chef Alice Waters was there. Here, Mary McGlynn and Alice exchange old family recipes – or not.








Keeping An Eye on Congress

Whew. There for a minute, Joe, I worried we were about to become “an entitlement society” like you’ve warned us about. Bet your billionaire funders are very happy with your position. Fortunately, because of your watchful eye, we won’t have a bunch of freeloading old people getting healthcare, or poor young people getting education or those non-carbon-based energy shysters  killing our precious coal industry.

You’re my man. I’m sleeping better tonight.

1 thoughts on “Sharing Our Stories Audiobook Hits the Bigtime

  1. Susan Page says:

    Holy SMOKE. that is sooooo great the your wonderful book is now all over the Internet. CONGRATULATIONS! This is very exciting, and I hope it boosts sales. You have poured your heart and soul plus years of interviews into this monumental work and you need to feel sooo proud of it. Super exciting
    And as for Joe M!@#$%^&* — no comments. (Grrrrr)

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