Cheer Each Other On

Dateline: Redwood City: 81 Year Old Man Gets First Pole Vaulting Lesson!

Cheer Each Other On

Last October one of my blogs featured pole vaulter Doug Summers working out at the Sequoia High School track. Met him again this weekend and learned more. Also, got a lesson.


My new audio book, Listen Deeply; Be Amazed; Tell The Story is coming along. Stay tuned. Hopefully out by February or March.






4 thoughts on “Cheer Each Other On

  1. Mary Warren says:

    Okay! Well done. There is an exhilaration in learning and doing something new. I ran and finished my first marathon at age 63 and changed my whole self image.

  2. Ross M. Stangeland DDS says:

    I first started polevaulting in the early 1950’s. My brothers and I would get home after swimming all afternoon and watch old serial movies. One serial was named Clyde Baity and the Circus. In that serial Clyde had to get over a fence while he was in africa hunting amimals for the circus. He ended up finding a pole and used the pole to polevault over the fence. My brothers and I looked at each other and said that is what we should do. We built a polevault pit in our back yard and learned how to pole vault. There is much more to the story. Ross

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