Chapter Four: Music

Stories from jazz, classical, flamenco, and rock and roll. Interviews with Chris Brubeck, Taylor Eigsti, Anton Schwartz, Terry Garthwaite, and three members of the Peninsula Symphony Orchestra. Stories from the lives of Jon Hendricks and Janis Joplin. You don’t want to miss my rousing rendition of “The Ballad Of Sigmund Freud” at the end. I accompany myself on banjo and bass drum while Jay Lehman plays electric bass.

This is the final chapter of Part One: In the Beginning: the Family from my new audio book: Cradle to Grave: Thriving From One to One Hundred (new title).

1 thoughts on “Chapter Four: Music

  1. John Warren says:

    Hi Rick!
    I love this chapter and the mix of your commentary with clips of interviews. My current love of blues started when I met you – one of the many things for which I am grateful!

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