Utopia for the 1%


Utopia For The 1%







Trump’s base, Christian wingnuts, marauding fascists (Charlottesville), and the uber-wealthy who design and control  how our society works (think Koch Brothers) are “over the moon” about how things are going. It all is coming together faster than they had even hoped for.



• Finally, we are going to deny sex education and  birth control to the lower classes. This results in more pregnancy among the teenagers. Good for future cannon fodder and workforce.

• As we roll back Roe v. Wade, more and more children under 15 will become mothers. They will need to drop out of school.

• The end of free public education as “school choice” undercuts education for the poor. Hooray for Betsy DeVos. No more property tax to support education.

• The electoral college, gerrymandering, and closing of voting stations in poor areas make it harder, if not impossible, for the young, the poor, and non-whites to have a voice in our democracy.

• The Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court allows the super-wealthy to control our elections through their PACs (Political Action Committees). Why would we want the poor and uneducated to vote? They have no idea what we need.

• The Constitution specifies that elections shall be handled by the states.  This allows red states to make sure voting is almost impossible for the young, the poor, and non-whiles, just like our founding fathers intended it.

• The owner classes can do whatever they please to their workers after they busted the unions. Message to workers: like it or lump it.

• With far-right support, the NRA is working to make sure there are zero restrictions on our access to unlimited firepower.

• God bless Donald Trump for getting rid of these pesky government regulations that tie the hands of our “job creators.” Let the big money boys work unconstrained. Clean water and clean air are greatly overrated (think Ferguson, MO).

• The best solution for global warming is to make sure the 99% are too poor to afford cars. Corporate jets, though, are not a problem.

• Fortunately, the courts are about to completely overturn the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). This will throw millions out on the street to die alone. It’s their own goddamned fault. They should have planned better so they’d have enough money for healthcare. Why should taxpayers support these losers?

• This is a bonanza for our precious healthcare insurance companies. They can continue to make huge profits off our illnesses. As it should be! You pay outrageously high insurance premiums and when you get sick, they don’t pay. It is called capitalism. It is what made this country great!

• Our president invited brown-skinned members of Congress to go back to where they came from – you know, the “shit hole” countries. There! He said it out loud.

• With hard work by highly-paid Ivy League attorneys, tax loopholes help to make the 1% richer and richer. Today, the 400 richest people own as much wealth as the bottom 65%, or 204 million people. As Leona Helmsley, New York real estate mogul and close friend of Donald Trump said: “We don’t pay taxes. Taxes are for the little people.”

What a country! This is a great period in our history for  white, male, wealthy citizens. It is about time we “Make America White Again.” With wealth concentrated in the hands of the top one tenth of one percent, how can we go wrong? Everyone else can work for them at slave wages, the way it has been throughout world history, save for the past 200 hundred years.

By force and violence, we Europeans took this country away from the people who lived here for tens of thousands of years. We then built it on the backs of enslaved brown-skinned people. Now it is time for the white people to enjoy the fruits of all this labor by others.

Imagine the joy of having a huge population of uneducated, enslaved peasants. If you were the “Lord of the Manor” in the Middle Ages, your lifestyle was supported by the peasants and serfs who tended your land. This democracy crap was a big mistake. Finally, we are getting back to the way things should be. The 99% will slave away to support the noblemen and kings living in the castle (today’s gated communities guarded by private police and the military).

4 thoughts on “Utopia for the 1%

  1. Hal says:

    HI Rick, Great tally of things askew. Attached is the first headline that I saw this morning when I opened WAPO.

    “White identity politics drives Trump, and the Republican Party under him”

    Cheers, Hal

  2. John Buckel says:

    You’re right, Rick “This is a great period in our history for white, male, wealthy citizens.” It’s also a great period for anyone, regardless of gender or race, who bothered to stay in school, work hard and stay out of trouble to succeed on their own merits without having to whine and demand handouts. Our economy is in great shape, not only for “white people”, but for anyone who has a retirement plan like a 401K or is fortunate enough to work for a company that provides a pension. I also noted no mention of the fact that the 10% wealthiest in this country pay 70% of the taxes and 40+% pay no taxes at all with many getting money back through tax benefits. Socialism is a wonderful thing – until it isn’t!

    All the best,

  3. Dustyfeet says:

    Ricky, my dear. Did you feel any better after compiling this partial list of what ails the country? I looked at your post just after writing a similar piece in the form of a letter to my senator, Tammy Baldwin, who is more trustworthy than most. AT the very least, my conscience aches a little less for having registered my opinion to my elected. Now to brave the record-breaking heat and mow the lawn.

  4. Bill says:


    Thanks for your summary of some of the travesties Trump and his crime family have foisted or will soon foist on most of us, abided by the moral, legal and political depravity and hypocrisy of Republikans, many also criminals, in and out of government.

    Though the list is depressing and scary, there is something weirdly refreshing to see it all in one place succinctly.

    Maybe it’s energizing too. Doing nothing but reading it is clearly morally corrupt, completely unacceptable. Doing something to end it is imperative. What that is is not yet clear to me, though it will become so before too long. All I know now is it will non-violent resistance, and hopefully creative and effective.

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