An Unforgettable Legacy

An Unforgettable Legacy:

The Robert Dreher and Robert F. Suczek Scholarships

at San Francisco State University






I was lucky to have had a number of mentors at various stages of my life, but two who had monumental  influences were professors at SF State, Robert Dreher and Robert F. Suczek. The worldviews and concrete skills I learned from them helped shape my entire life, and build a very successful company. It makes my heart ache that neither of them lived long enough to see all this in full bloom. Thousands of lives have been influenced, to a large extent, by what I learned from those two wonderful men.

If our lives mean anything at all, it may just be what we pass on to the next generation. As Bob Dylan noted, reflecting on his relationship with Woody Guthrie, “We’re all just links in a chain.” To honor this chain that I am proudly a part of, I have established the “Dr. Robert Dreher and Dr. Robert F. Suczek Memorial Scholarship in Humanistic Psychology” in the Psychology Department at SF State.

Two graduate students will be selected in the Spring of 2019 to receive $5,000 each, to be awarded for the Fall semester. Let us salute our mentors. They give us the vision, inspiration, and foundation upon which we build our lives, and the skills to boost others along the way. If yours are still alive, tell them what they meant to you. It will mean the world to them.

4 thoughts on “An Unforgettable Legacy

  1. Mark Shaw says:

    You are calling attention to powerful influences of your past while seeding the potential influences for our future.

  2. Jim Prost says:

    I’m so glad you wrote this piece. That is so true, we are but a link in a chain. I made sure I frequently visited the professor from UCLA who gave me great counsel, and like you, it changed my life’s trajectory. I wanted her to know the impact she had on me. Of course, she knew I was a serious student because I never missed her 7:00 AM Monday morning classes.

  3. Anshu says:

    As Bob Dylan noted..If our lives mean anything at all, it may just be what we pass on to the next generation.., and you have, Rick!. Other side of the coin is, that you are a mentor now to many, influenced many, and created a chain called Power Speaking.

    My Mentor is alive and kicking and oh boy… how!
    Since that is the flavour of the moment, I want you to know Rick that you have inspired me immensely. You are so many people in one, that it is impossible to know all of you! Thank you, for being yourself, because it is YOU who is the inspiration.

    Hunger for more, curiosity to unravel and a bottomless jar to hold it all!

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