A Musical Legacy

Ever notice how personal traits and careers tend to run in families? This is especially true of music. I grew up in Berkeley a few houses away from the Garthwaites,  the most musical family I’ve ever known. Their mother, Merle, taught dance in the family home. In fact, the livingroom was simply one giant dance studio. The oldest brother, Tim, has played guitar and sang his whole life. Terry started a very successful rock group in the ’70s, The Joy of Cooking, featuring David on bass.

“Stay with the arts. They will sustain you.”

– Merle Garthwaite, Dancer













Music down through the generations



6 thoughts on “A Musical Legacy

  1. Ingrid Fermin says:

    Growing up in Berkely, there were so many brilliant and talented people – and we just viewed them as “our neighbors.” Wow!

  2. Susan Page says:

    Very fun post! And I was in a folk singing group with Malvina Reynolds, every other Tuesday night in our beautiful craftsman living room on Telegraph Avenue, for two years or so. Ahh, those good ol’ days in Berkeley! — Hey, where did you live there? What street?

  3. Barbara says:

    Nice profile and interesting family!

    Last Sunday at the Bach D&D, we had a wonderful drummer named Marcus Gilmore. He is absolutely incredible….we have had him at the Bach before but I found out this last time he is the grandson of Roy Haynes! It immediately made sense but it made me think of all the musical families…starting with Johann Bach’s family and the many other current musicians who have come through the Bach that are part of musical dynasties.

  4. Ray Mayeri says:

    An inspiring tribute! Thank you Rick.
    As one who also grew up in Berkeley it’s no wonder that so many people felt it was the center of the Universe! Hello??…!

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