The Case of the Amazing Shrinking CDs


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Became this: 



I have not played a CD in months, maybe years. Pandora pretty much covers my musical needs.  Like I did with our video cassettes, I have digitized over 900 CDs. I used a service in Palo Alto, “Ready to Play,” that does this for $1.30 / CD.

Now my job is to transfer all this music to my iTunes, then create the folders I want on my phone. For example, let’s say I have ten Johnny Cash albums. Once they are in iTunes, I can select my 10 or  15 favorite songs from those albums to create music that will go on my iPhone. Slick, heh? I’ll let you know how it goes.

“Hello. I’m Johnny Cash.”

“I hear the train a-comin,’

It’s rollin’ ’round the bend,

And I ain’t seen the sunshine

Since I don’t know when.”











2 thoughts on “The Case of the Amazing Shrinking CDs

  1. Bill Spaulding says:

    Did this by hand years ago into iTunes from my CD collection. At one point had over 12,000 songs on my computer before it crashed.
    This was the music we had at the first BHS reunion at the Frat alanza Club. Fortunately I had a backup and I would strongly suggest you do that as well by buying a little portable hard drive and copying from one to the other. Easy peasy and it secures your stuff. You might also want to look into a hard drive that is solid state no moving Parts I think they call it an SS E. I just bought one yesterday at Best Buy for $139 for 500 gigabytes. Put it in my laptop. The other thing you can do is load all your tunes on your phone. I have over 30 gigabytes on my phone of music. You can do videos as well. The beauty of this is that you can then via Bluetooth play the music on any other Bluetooth device for example your car.
    I just put a rear view mirror camera system in my 1950 Oldsmobile that also has a Bluetooth connection. So on the mirror when I put the car in reverse the turns the camera on so I can see where I’m going when I back up and when I’m not in Reverse it displays a screen on the right hand side of the mirror that mirrors my Android phone screen. So whatever is on my phone I can see on the rear view mirror. This is great because then I can use my phone navigation system in the car and have the phone tucked away out of sight. You can also view videos that you may have on your phone on the rear mirror but its illegal.
    You can also do the same thing with your old VHS tapes. Fry’s sells a little converter for under $100 that you can use to digitize your tapes. It’s a slow process but you can do it while you’re doing other things after you set it up and get it running.
    Besides now that we are retired what else do we have to do all day long.

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