Las Vegas and the NRA

I’m sure you agree with me that we should own as much firepower and ammo as we can afford. You never know when you’ll get the urge to mow down a bunch of kindergarteners, or gays at a nightclub, or people in a movie theater, or people watching a C&W concert. Our God-given Constitution and Bill of Rights give me my cherished freedom to kill as many people as I want to, or the voices in my head tell me to. Thank God for the National Rifle Association (NRA) and its tireless work protecting my freedoms.

At a time like this, my  “thoughts and prayers” go out to the NRA. After this recent mass shooting, the liberal, left-wing Commie, fake-news press is going to start haranguing the poor NRA. The NRA is just doing The Lord’s Work: supporting our Second Amendment rights to “keep and bear arms.” They are SO right when they say, “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” The NRA is doing such good work to make sure we can get any kind of weapon we want – with no restrictions. If I am a paranoid schizophrenic hearing voices telling me to kill people, no problem. I was so thrilled to hear Don Turner, president of the Nevada NRA affiliate say, “It is perfectly legal in Nevada to own assault rifles. The only restriction on magazine capacity is how strong you are.” Amen, Don Turner. My thoughts and prayers go out to you. Those “big gubment” bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. who want to restrict our rights to own as many guns as possible are just flat out un-American.

Fortunately, our sacred NRA has so much money and power they can tell the Republican politicians what to do. So when you see TV programs about the killings in Las Vegas, no one will dare mention gun control or the NRA because we buy the politicians who make the rules. Please send your thoughts and prayers to the NRA. They are keeping us free to kill each other in larger and larger numbers.

5 thoughts on “Las Vegas and the NRA

  1. Oh boy Rick. Your piece is dripping with venom. Since words are utterly inadequate to express how we all feel, this rant is a welcome alternative. It somehow does express our feelings, through the back door. The heartbreak is almost intolerable. Our world has fallen apart. How these people think is beyond comprehension. They probably agree with all you said. Completely unreal. — Thank you for this excellent piece of writing. It makes me feel my anger.

  2. It is amazing to think how many more people would have been injured or killed if the concert audience were not in Nevada which has some of the most ‘liberal’ gun laws in the nation. No need to have permits, and no restriction on number of guns owned. Open carry is legal in the state, WITHOUT A PERMIT. Amazing how much safer the ‘right to bear arms’ makes us when faced with upwards of 23 semi- and fully-automatic rifles, an abundant supply of ammo and a secure, sheltered and rmote perch from which to shoot. Lord knows what carnage would have resulted if we actually limited the right to bear arms. Reminder: health care is a privilege; gun ownership is a right. (Looks like buying a gun can be considered a form of insurance … if so, can we make it deductible?)

  3. Nice piece Rick. The one quote that resonates for me is, “I can’t wrap my mind around this.” I really can’t especially when I think of conservative congressmen (and they are mostly men) who have voted with the NRA an now call for a moment of silence. Feeling a huge void!

  4. Rick,
    I am Pamela Evans sister. Enjoyed your article. There are no words to express my feelings now, but you pretty much nailed it!

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