Hair on Fire: Health Care Chaos


The whole problem resolved in 152 words under my plan!

  • All health care (HC) must be paid for through taxes, just like public education, the military, the fire department, the highway systems, etc. (like all other advanced countries do it).
  • The profit motive in HC: gone.
  • Capitalist HC insurance companies will be out of business along with their high-paid executives, share-holders, and huge advertising budgets.
  • People will not be forced into grinding poverty because of HC costs.
  • The 1% will no longer get rich because of your illnesses.
  • Young healthy people pay just like old sick people. We all pay and we all benefit.
  • All citizens will be covered from birth to death.
  • Medical school and nursing training will be free.
  • Employers will no longer be involved in HC. All coverage will be through the government, like Medicare and the VA.
  • Big pharma companies will be highly regulated like utility companies. No more gouging.







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