Odds and Ends

  • There is no evidence that Obama wire tapped Trump during the election, say the spook agencies in Washington. Really? How naïve do they think we are? Of course there is no evidence. These people are pros (think James Bond).Would they have asked a judge for a FISA order to spy on Trump? No way! They lowered themselves through the roof on ropes, and cleverly avoided the laser beams. Ha.
  • There is an inverse relationship between the length of a female news reporter’s hair and the amount of skin she shows, and her journalistic competence. Consider Fox News vs. MSNBC.
  • To look and sound hip and cool, use lots of memes:
    • Always have a three-day growth of beard
    • Wear jeans with a jacket and tie
    • Say “pivot” and “existential” all the time
    • In TV interviews use words / phrases like: thumb on the scale; wheelhouse; unpack; under the bus; tone deaf; ham-handed; thread  the needle; set the table; square the circle
    • If you are a politician always wear a lapel flag pin and end every speech with “God bless you, and God bless America.”
    • If you are in a TV ad, hang a stethoscope around your neck, and you instantly become a real doctor, not an actor.
    • To “trump” all of this, impress everyone by tossing around “deconstruction of the administrative state.”
  • The Decline and Fall of the Roman (American?) Empire. Years ago I read an article that suggested the Roman Empire and its world domination ended for two related reasons: 1) extreme militarism and nation-building abroad, and 2) the concomitant failure to support citizens at home. Too many resources went to the military. It died from the inside. Hmmm? Sound familiar?
  • Don’t miss the TV series “This Is Us.” Story of a remarkable family, it’s past, present, and ongoing struggles. On NETFIX.
  • A movie overlooked by the Oscars, “Indignation,” is a must see. About a bright, shy, Jewish college student from New Jersey who gets in trouble with a sexually aggressive female student. Set during the Korean war.




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