Trump: The Hair Says It All

Nevermind his insatiable narcissism, his ignorance of major global issues, and his unending insults to the very agencies of government Mr. Trump needs to be successful. The real issue is… the First Family’s hair.

Trump’s grossly colored, too- long, comb-over hair makes him look more like a used car salesman than the CEO of the United States. How it hangs shabbily over his collar says “fuck you” to tradition. Of course, this is just what the voters who put him in office wanted. People with good presidential hair would include Mike Pence, Mitt Romney, and John Boehner.

Mrs. Bimbo First Lady Trump’s hair is all about sex. It is way too long and all over her face. What is she hiding? A professional, well-educated, well- coiffed woman has hair no longer than shoulder length. When the hair is down to mid-chest, it says, “Your place or mine?” It does not say, “Let’s get the work done.”


The Trump boys wear their hair combed straight back with no part, and heavily greased. They look more like mob bosses than trustworthy business executives. Their Brylcreem bills must be huge.




Bottom line, forget all the bankrupt political, social, and moral Looney Tunes delusional Trump thinking. Their hairstyles alone reflect a First Family that is totally untrustworthy. Not people you’d want to do business with, much less run the country.

We’re in for a bumpy ride.

4 thoughts on “Trump: The Hair Says It All

  1. George O. Petty says:

    My barber on Solano Avenue, an Iranian (legal) immigrant, noted at some point during the campaign that Trump’s hair color improved significantly. Neither she nor I have any idea what this means.

  2. Ingrid J Fermin says:

    Yes, the “Trump Boys” could also be SS Officers in WWII.
    Can you imagine what the President looks like in the morning? Parts of his hair must hang to his shoulders. Prior to makeup, he probably doesn’t look too swift either.
    Buzz thinks that Melania looks like Stephen Tyler.
    Hopefully, this Presidency does not last four years – the first 10 days are bad enough.

  3. Bill says:

    T’s long hair is fake and might be a sign he’s a lot less healthy than he claims to be.
    See the Feb 1 article .

    One of T’s docs says T takes finasteride. This drug is used to treat enlarged prostates and prostrate cancer. One of it’s side-effects is to cause hair growth. Besides for its therapeutic effects, the drug is marketed as “Propecia” for this cosmetic side-effect..

    The NY Times article raises a number of issues. One is whether T has prostrate cancer.

  4. Dylan says:

    I’m not gonna lie. I think Eric Trump pulls it off well. I also do mine occasional like his and I always thought it was a cool look since I was a child. Oh and Let’s go Brandon

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