Dena, Freud, and Me: a one-man show by Rick Gilbert

“This is going on your PERMANENT RECORD!”

As a youth, Rick spent more time in the principal’s office and explaining himself to the police than getting awards for scholarship or sports. He recently retired after founding one of Silicon Valley’s most successful communications companies. How did he get from there to here?

Join Rick for a comedic, serious, insightful romp through 77 years of growing up. Psychotherapy, drag racing, music lessons, mentors, and getting over the affliction of virginity at 19 are some of the scenes in this 75 minute show.

Are we different from or the same as our parents and grandparents? Who lifts us up and who brings us down? How do we chart our own path in life?

Anyone who has struggled to find their calling on their own terms will see their story in Rick’s story.

Dena, Freud, and Me will leave you entertained, inspired, and with new insights about your past, and some strategies for the future.

Rick, 77, is a psychologist, author, and founder of PowerSpeaking, Inc.


Watch the preview, password is saxophone:

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