Update on Exercise Program

I started working with trainer Ronney Richard as a 75-year-old, out-of-shape retired consultant. That was 18 months ago. Today I can bench press 450 pounds and kick bikers’ asses. (Just kidding.) 

I see Ronney twice a week and look forward to this torture. Yes, I can see my body shaping up a bit and I do feel stronger, but it is the way Ronney makes me feel that keeps me coming back. He really knows his stuff which gives me confidence to do what he suggests. He is so encouraging I just want to keep going, “Almost there, Rick. Keep going. Good. Looking good.”

He makes me want to do my best for him… but guess what? It is really for me. Ronney is more than my trainer, he is my friend.

If you are considering getting in shape, you should consider working with Ronney. Also, the small intimate gym at 965 Brewster in Redwood City is so supportive. Plus, when you are done with Ronney’s torture program, you can go to the coffee house next door for a fat and sugar-filled latte.

See my interview with him:

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