Miracle at Monterey: There Is No Turning Back

She bobs and weaves. She bounces with joy. Her name is Katie Thiroux. At the Monterey Jazz Festival in 2007, I took this photo of her. She was playing with the Berklee College of Music (Boston) jazz ensemble. 


When I saw that she was here again this year, I had to meet her. We chatted for about 15 minutes and I got to interview her about her skyrocketing career. She gave me a one-on-one bass solo of “Oh What a Beautiful Morning,” from her new CD, “Introducing Katie Thiroux.”

I tried to buy the CD, but she refused my money. She said, “Your photo has been so valuable for my career. When promo people want material for an upcoming show, they always choose that photo.” I’ll tell you, I had to swallow hard. 

Sunday evening I recorded her performance with the Justin Kauflin quartet. Energizing. Check out my interview and Katie’s playing:

Also, to see a remarkable story of the late jazz trumpeter, Clark Terry and his relationship with Justin Kauflin, check out Netflix, “Keep On Keeping On.”

4 thoughts on “Miracle at Monterey: There Is No Turning Back

  1. Rick says:

    The part about my photo and the shoes blew me away. Made my weekend. Sue, you are sooooo right about the Santa Fe close ups. Guess the workshop was worth it.

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