TV Not To Miss

Something really strange happened last night. I stood up in front of the TV screaming “Yes! Yes! Yes!” at the screen. I was clapping and cheering out loud my support for journalist Rachel Maddow and the report she had just completed. This is the way TV / Media should be. 

She interviewed Bill Bogert, an actor who made a pro-Johnson, anti-Goldwater ad back in 1964. It is a stunning four-minute ad that features only Bill Bogert talking to the camera about his conflict over the Republican party’s blunder in nominating Barry Goldwater for president. Black and white. Stark. Effective.

The parallels to what is happening in today’s Republican party over the nomination of Donald Trump are shockingly similar.  Rachel showed the original ad, then interviewed the actor about what that was like back then and how he feels about what is happening today. Bogert was and is a Republican, btw.

You can see it all:

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