Gloria Steinem Interview

Last week Mary met Susan Blake, a Bay Area TV personality. Susan later checked out my interview with Gloria Steinem and had some great feedback: 

I love, love Rick’s interview with Gloria Steinem.  He asked really savvy questions to guide her into some  personal stories with a lot of depth. I love a great interviewer. There are many great take aways but her response ‘you can’t throw in the towel because the towel is you’ is now at the top of my quotes list!! She really is amazing. He, of course, scored a second trophy with a Gloria Steinem signature on your photograph with your sisters!


This reminded me again how fabulous it was to meet Gloria Steinem. To see the interview again, or perhaps for the first time:

1 thoughts on “Gloria Steinem Interview

  1. Mayne Smith says:

    Bravo! Your questions seem very well thought out, and Steinem appeared to appreciate that. Was the interview, or some part of it, ever presented to the public?

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