Immediate Cure for Gun Violence

Many chickenshit politicians are terrified of the NRA. “Oh my god, if I get a low rating from the NRA, I’ll lose my seat in Congress,” they say. Hey, how about losing your integrity?

Here is a solution. Could be done in about one month. Easy. National publications like Time magazine simply run cover stories about the carnage in places like Sandy Hook, Columbine, Virginia Tech, etc. accompanied by the police photos of the crime scenes.

On the cover of Time magazine, for all to see on the newsstands, would be photos of 6-year-old-children splattered with blood, their heads blown off, terror in their dead eyes. Their limp, lifeless bodies crumpled on the floor. (Of course the grief-stricken families would have to give permission.)

It is insane that our country allows psychotic, paranoid, testosterone and rage-driven young men to have unfettered access to military-style assault rifles and unlimited armor-piercing ammunition. Other countries have insane, angry young men too. They just don’t allow them access to instruments of mass murder. So their murder rates are in the single digits, where ours are in the thousands.

In response to reporters’ questions about the killings at Umpqua Community College in Oregon, I was stunned to hear Jeb Bush say, “stuff happens” and Donald Trump say, “these things happen.” Wow. Now that is leadership! Imagine, Hitler bombs London. Stuff happens. Japan attacks Pearl Harbor. Stuff happens. Jet liners smash into the World Trade Center. Stuff happens. No reason for Congressional action on gun control. Nope. After all, stuff happens.

What morons!

I am sick of hearing about our sacred “2nd Amendment rights.” The framers of the Constitution wanted an armed populace that could fight off the British, or whomever. They thought every home should have a muzzle-loading rifle like those used in the Revolutionary War. Okay, so let our 2nd Amendment friends have their muzzle-loading rifles. But military assault rifles for killing large numbers of our fellow citizens? That is not what the founding fathers had in mind.

In the meantime, let’s get the voting public so pissed off that they FORCE Congress to say “to hell with the NRA” and pass serious restrictive gun legislation.

Americans will do that when they see the slaughter of their children, unfiltered.

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