“Slithering into Decrepitude”


What I like most about doing this blog is the great responses I get from my readers. Last time, I described recent medical issues Mary and I had. I got great comments from you:


Oh dear, oh dear! You two sure know how to keep things interesting!  So glad you’re ok.  But still, it’s a scary time for all of us, and will continue to be so, as we all slither into decrepitude.

With fondest thoughts,

– Deborah


Thank you, Deborah, for that remarkable phrase that fits so well. If you ever write a book on aging, may I suggest that should be your title. 


Other comments:


Just read your newsletter. I’m truly glad the hospital took care of Mary…and you! Did you get a family discount? 

– David Lee


Transient Global Amnesia is the brain’s way of taking a holiday. Maybe it’s just having trouble getting used to your retirement. Anyway, Welcome back, Rick.

– Pete Carey


Wow… you and Mary started the year off w/ a bang.  Glad to hear you both weathered your way through these life events.  Jonee and I send both of you Good Ju-Ju!

– Jim Horan


We must try to remember (as you remind us) that there are people who love us and much to laugh about, as long as it lasts! [The picture of you in the hospital bed is priceless.] Much love, 

– Ann


And I’m very pleased you and your wife came out of your spectacular weekend so well.  Yes, old age isn’t easy but aren’t we glad we get to have it!!

– Kathy Teakle


Glad you’re both OK—it’s just one damn thing after the other at this age!  

– Gitta


Sorry you both are having health issues but the good news is you’re both quite alive. And she didn’t lose all her lady parts; in fact the missing ones won’t be missed at all. So if you still have your memory intact, you’ll have it all!!!

– Adelle


Wow. Waves of love are wafting your way. I had no idea. Call if I can help. Sometimes a neighbor or two can be just the thing. Hugs and stuff.  

– Patricia McD


Rick and I are former classmates from Hillside School in Berkeley. I remember him as a class clown of sorts. I was on the quiet side. So here’s to your good health, Rick and Mary. Cheers!

– Gale Johnson


Brain farts, wise farts, old farts that we are…can I please write on YOUR back if you ever feel one of these TGA’s coming on? Now you and Mary stay outa the ER, no matter how much you like Kaiser! Love, hugs and speedy recovery, 

– Peter and Sarah


Wow…might as well pack it all into one weekend and have it done! Now stay healthy please:-)

– Terry


Ah our Golden Years filled with…uh….filled with…surprises. Glad you are both recovering. The world is a better place with the two of my favorite people in it. 

– Larry   


I love how through all of this you’ve managed to keep your sense of humor…..now about quitting drinking….not so much. Please take care – precious cargo!

– Barbara Fahey


My all-time favorite: 


What’s wrong with walking around in a daze?

– John Hutchison


All of this reminded me of our 50 year Berkeley High School reunion at the Claremont Hotel in Berkeley. I was the MC of the evening and thought I’d take a crack at this whole “Golden Years” nonsense.  I rented a medical walker and planned to come on stage using it with a limp…. until I saw three of my classmates in the audience with walkers. So much for that joke. 



I did, though, end the evening with a paean to the Golden Years: 


“The Golden Years have come at last.

  The Golden Years have come so fast.

  I can not see; I can not pee.

  My body’s drooping; Have trouble pooping

  I can not chew; I can not screw.

  The Golden Years have come so fast.

  The Golden Years… can kiss my ass.” 

2 thoughts on ““Slithering into Decrepitude”

  1. Katie Green says:

    Gosharoo, sorry to hear about your encounters with fancy hospital equipment, supposing there were the fears beforehand, the recovery tribulations afterward, not to mention the wondering about the future (sans crystal ball.) While you were vacationing at Kaiser, Rick, we were having a tender reunion with Tad and Annie in El Cerrito. The Grim Reaper did not seem to be hovering nearby, but you never know.

    lotsa love

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