Are you an ESTJ or an INTJ?







So, you’ve taken all those personality inventories. Are you an ESTJ or an INTJ?

Are you an Aries or a Leo? Or an MMPI “Pd” (Psychopathic Deviate), an MIR “Expressive?”

Are you a Rorschach “Borderline Personality Disorder?” Maybe your are a DISC “Racer,” or “Listener.” Perhaps the Strength Finder Inventory said you are a “Maximizer.”


Does all of this seem like a lot of “Woo-woo, Mumbo Jumbo?” Well you need look no 

further. I made up The “Let ‘er Rip Ultimate Personality Inventory” for my friend Fritz 

Brauner so he could analyze the employees in his company. I’m sure you’ll find this 


3 thoughts on “Are you an ESTJ or an INTJ?

  1. This is BRILLIANT! Do you have it licensed yet?
    Sorry to tell you this, but you should be more on the head/heart line, I’m afraid. You have some bleeding heart liberal in there somewhere — but just a dash. xo

  2. Love this! But then I’m an ENFP 😉 and somewhere in the exact opposite quadrant from you. Perhaps why we enjoy each other so much?

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