Are you an ESTJ or an INTJ?







So, you’ve taken all those personality inventories. Are you an ESTJ or an INTJ?

Are you an Aries or a Leo? Or an MMPI “Pd” (Psychopathic Deviate), an MIR “Expressive?”

Are you a Rorschach “Borderline Personality Disorder?” Maybe your are a DISC “Racer,” or “Listener.” Perhaps the Strength Finder Inventory said you are a “Maximizer.”


Does all of this seem like a lot of “Woo-woo, Mumbo Jumbo?” Well you need look no 

further. I made up The “Let ‘er Rip Ultimate Personality Inventory” for my friend Fritz 

Brauner so he could analyze the employees in his company. I’m sure you’ll find this 


3 thoughts on “Are you an ESTJ or an INTJ?

  1. Keri Lehmann says:

    This is BRILLIANT! Do you have it licensed yet?
    Sorry to tell you this, but you should be more on the head/heart line, I’m afraid. You have some bleeding heart liberal in there somewhere — but just a dash. xo

  2. Patricia McDougal says:

    Love this! But then I’m an ENFP 😉 and somewhere in the exact opposite quadrant from you. Perhaps why we enjoy each other so much?

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