Remember Me

Remember Me

(read at the service for Kelly Kilpatrick, 2009)



Some say I’m gone, 

Have kicked the buckets

Never again to 

Raise a ruckus 


The religious ones 

who for me will pray

Say my spirit romps 

In heaven today


The cynics among us

On the other hand

Don’t believe I’m in 

The Angel Band.


No, no they say,

Her spirit’s close,

And not so far away

We can feel it here today


I cannot speak, but I can hear your word

I can’t be seen, but  can be heard.


Do not be sad at my demise,

I’m still around in different guise 


As into your Chardonnay you gaze

See me winking from the sparkling glass

It just means, I know for sure

That you and me, we’ve got real class


If you never liked 

My cutting wit

Tell you what, 

I just don’t give a (shit)…darn


When a sassy redhead walks your way,

Here is something you never say.

“Is that you’re natural shade?”

In an early grave you will be laid.


At that dinner party when folks are yellin’

‘bout politics, or bellies swellin’

Hear my spirit laughing loud

Hovering just above that unruly crowd



When you meet two loving sisters 

All on fire with life’s glow

Remember this one true thing,

It’s  a mother’s love that made it so


As you look upon a flower 

And admire it’s simplicity–


Please just remember me.

The times we loved,

The times we cried,

The times we laughed.

The times we fought,


For if you always think of me, 

I will never be forgot.

Do not be sad at my demise,

I’m still around in different guise 



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