Chef Rick; How to Cook Hamburger

Welcome to the second installment of that dynamic, highly praised cooking show, “Chef Rick.” Around the world, chefs and critics alike are raving about Chef Rick. Accorfing to Alice Waters, “Who?” Julia Child, “Chef Rick flips burgers like a pro.” Anthony Bourdain, “Chef Rick’s video technique leaves a lot to be desired.”

Critical questions answered in this ground-breaking show:

• What is the right wine to “pair” with hamburger?

• What is the only drawback to mayonaise?

• If you are lonely cooking by yourself, is it OK to get slightly blotto as you cook?

• We judge wine by its “nose,” and its “legs,” but what about its “ears?”

• Why should you NOT use Chef Buck’s plastic bag solution to stop from crying when cutting onions?

• What is the best news program for “progressives” to watch?

• Which famous French cooking school did Chef Rick attend?


6 thoughts on “Chef Rick; How to Cook Hamburger

  1. bill spaulding says:

    10,000 comedians out of work and you step up. Not bad for a cooking show parody. I pity the poor schlub who has to clean up your mess—I mean really, tossing the bottles over your shoulder….?

    Now for an encore and a real mess….show us your pulled pork process.

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