Meet Terry Lyngso

“Your mother and I are leaving to tour the country in our motor home. You are in charge, Terry. Basically sink or swim. If we come back and the company is ruined, that’s OK. We’ll do something else with the land.”

John Lyngso


Lyngso Garden Supplies in Redwood City features excellent gardening materials, consulting, and education about organic gardening and building. The company was founded by John Lyngso in the 1950s. He is nearing retirement  so this daughter, Terry, is president. 

In this video, Terry shares her story and the importance of the company culture. 

 Terry discusses,

• How to treat employees

• How to handle customer problems

• Community outreach

• Being female in a macho business

• Organic gardening

2 thoughts on “Meet Terry Lyngso

  1. Ray Mayeri says:

    Let me say how impressed I am with your interviewee. She and her firm not only provide a real service to their clients but do it in a responsible way as regards the environment. And, you are to be commended for your efforts in highlighting their contribution. Congrats! (I say this as a 30 year former grape grower in the Napa Valley and a current retiree in Harlem, New York, now with a backyard,"green" vegetable garden.)

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