Video Treasures 2014–2015

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As 2015 draws to a close, I’ve been looking over the video content of Let ‘er Rip.

What a diverse, insightful, and intense group of people. They talk about life at its best; their spiritual quests; what they live for; what is in their souls.

Please watch this 13 minute video of the best insights from the 29 people I’ve interviewed over the past several years. I’m energized by the scope and depth of these interviews.


Here is a photo of each person along with a quote and a link to the original video:


We don’t write to record what is in our heads already, we write to discover what is inside of us.

Susan Page, Executive Director,

San Miguel Writers Conference



Rasta is a movement that started in Jamaica for natural living and has gotten popular in California along with Reggae.

Anne Salley, Street Artist



Improvisation is a way of being. I really value it in running my life. I love waking up and not knowing what I’m going to do, and seeing how the day emerges.

Anton Schwartz, Jazz musician



The way to tell if people are going to succeed is whether they are willing to take risks. People can self-assign at work or in life as a “guest” or a “host.” To decide to be a host changes the entire experience, is risky and puts you in charge.

Adele Scheele, PhD, Career Strategist



The casualties of war remain not only on the battlefield.

Brigitte Garnochan, Photographer



I have always wondered what is in me in terms of aesthetics and art. I found it in aesthetic pruning.

Arnie Cornez, Aesthetic pruner



The energy in the room is palpable. People are always dancing. Its an exchange of energy. Its a constant flow.

Terry Garthwaite, Musician,

Founder, The Joy of Cooking



In that poem, in the Catholic Irish funeral, “The grief poured out of the church like waves on a stormy sea.” That captured a world I did not grow up in. But I’m living it now!

Robert Fish, Friend, 1941 – 2015



I could tell he was unhappy with my behavior, but I knew he loved who I was, and that was always true.

Alex Fish, Robert’s son



What we do in life shouldn’t be driven by money, but by the success of getting to the finish line. The GVA Cafe isn’t for me. It is for the community and for my employees.

Renee Carrillo, Owner, Grinds, Vines, and Automobilia Cafe,

Morgan Hill



I thought I knew what pride was until I started working iron. We know the dangers of the job, but its fantastic for us because we’re thrill seekers. We love adrenalin, and the payoff is awesome.

Jose Hernandez, Ironworker



What we do is as dangerous as it gets. As fast as you can flick a light switch is how fast something can go bad. A crane collapses – I’ve seen that. I’ve seen a lot of bad shit over the years.

Larry Lippert, Ironworker



I do this because of the privilege of playing the classical literature. It is one of the great thrills of my life. It’s an honor to be able to play with this orchestra. I appreciate that, at this age, not being a professional musician. I’m able to be accepted and play with the musicians of the caliber we have in this orchestra.

Mike Bressler, ER physician and timpanist with the Peninsula Symphony Orchestra



I keep doing this because there are certain transcendent moments that take you to another place. There is a shared emotion in the room.

Ann Powell, Cellist with the Peninsula Symphony Orchestra, and engineer with Sun Microsystems



Parenthood has a deep dimension that touches our soul. Appreciating that allows a fuller view of the joys of life. This was one of the messages I wanted to pass on at the end of my career.

Jane Hunter, retired pediatrician, and author, “The Well-Versed Parent.”



Forget slides. Slides are a crutch. If you can’t talk about your solutions without slides, you don’t know your solution well enough.

Dan Dulac, VP, Global Solutions, Enterasys



Dave Brubeck asked me to sing on his birthday album. I did “How High the Moon.” After it came out, I got a call from Dustin Hoffman who said, “Jon, that is the best thing I’ve ever heard.” I’ll never forget that.

Jon Hendricks of Lambert, Hendricks, and Ross.



He’s really different and absolutely absurd. Perfect. I could see, this is trouble. He was the jazz version of Harry Belafonte. That is irresistible.

Judith Hendricks



What motivates me is opening the door for others. In the future I’m going to be the story- teller sharing all these others’ stories. Every one of us can touch thousands of lives if we want to.

Erna Grasz, CEO, Asante Africa



An art form is something to bring the human spirit to a higher level, and music does that better than anything else. People should support the symphony like paying property tax. We don’t just feed on food. We have to have nutrition for the soul, and art is the medium.

Samuel Chan, Cardiologist and violinist with the Peninsula Symphony Orchestra.



The best part is during a gig when the people are digging it so much. They’ve got smiles and they’re tapping their feet. It makes me feel so good. I know we’re connected.

Katie Thiroux, Jazz bassist



On that day, it was a peaceful death. My life has changed so much. I don’t have the person I love with me. Late at night when the house is quiet, I’m missing my wife. Brittany said the change she wanted to bring about will be for people she’ll never meet.

Daniel Diaz, Brittany Maynard’s widower



If you want people to listen to you, you have to listen to them. You need a community. You cannot do it by yourself. We are linked, not ranked. I went to college in the ’50s and what we were taught was mostly bullshit. It took me 20 years to get over my college education.

Gloria Steinem, Author, entrepreneur of social change



I cook for all kinds: vegans, vegitarians. We make all our food from scratch. We grow our own zuccini and lettece. We have our own chickens so we have fresh eggs. I enjoy people. They respond back when you like them. I’m really glad I did this.

Robin McKeller, B&B Owner



Adults are big old cry babies. They want instant gratification. If this was easy, everyone would be in shape. It takes hard work. It takes dedication. It takes you being dedicated to yourself.

Ronney Richard, Fitness coach



Its one thing to play that guitar solo by yourself, the spotlight is on you, it is very powerful. But, when you are with a group of people and you’re all connecting and working seamlessly, that’s an amazing feeling. There’s a deep spiritual satisfaction.

Joaquin Gallegos, Flamenco guitarist



If you choose this creative lifestyle, you come in contact with a lot of beautiful people. They are working from a very deep place. They are willing to put aside other things like a big house and the best car to have this experience. Just listen to the direction your spirit is leading you and it will work out.

Jim Hunolt, Sculptor



When Eddie put on his electric attachment, people started yelling, “Hey now,” “Oh, Eddie.” People were laughing, clapping their hands, and that made me happy too.

Yvonne Harris Burnley, Daughter of jazz musician

Eddie Harris



It’s a great job. You do things not many are willing to do. It’s a hell of thing to be up there in the air on nothing but a little beam. You look at the whole world. Come on with us. Otherwise, stay home and write books.

Tim Horrisburger, Ironworker

1 thoughts on “Video Treasures 2014–2015

  1. Eileen McGlynn says:

    I don’t often comment, but I did want to let you know that I do read your blog and listen to and watch your interviews every month. I do enjoy them and appreciate the craftsmanship and thoughtfulness that goes into producing each blog posting. I appreciate this month’s "summing up" very much. It gave me a chance to go back and listen to many of the original interviews: Dan Diaz, Terry Garthwaite, Robin McKellar, Gloria Steinem, the ironworkers, Gitta Carnochan, and a few others. I also very much enjoyed watching your rediscovered story of your journey from "clap cop" to founder and CEO of Power Speaking.

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