3 thoughts on “Iron Workers

  1. Reci says:

    There are some amazing people who put their lives on the line to build or run our country. Thanks for noticing.

  2. Bill Spaulding says:

    I have a former iron worker helping me with my Hot Rods in my shop. He tells some bad ass stories but ya gotta watch him walk across the room. Both ankles and knees are gone and both shoulders gone. It is all workman’s comp related and he has had to sue WC to get a knee replaced—by the lowest bidder and it failed after two years. He is in constant pain and can only work a few hours a day and a good nights sleep is 3 hours. He is a hell of a welder and a good metal guy—he straightened some stainless window trim that the glass guy said should be replaced not knowing it was made from a very rare metal called "unobtainium". He went from an iron worker to the sheet metal trade, where he works now on a contract basis for the odd ball jobs a production shop can’t/doesn’t do.

    Hats off to those guys in the trades but where are their replacements coming from? We do not teach vocational in schools anymore and a computer sure as hell won’t bolt metal together hundreds of feet in the air…then the welders have to go up and weld it all together. Amazing and most take it for granted. Thanks Rick.

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