Missed My Show? Here It Is In Living Color!!!

You Won’t Believe What Happened Next…

Couldn’t get to my show?

In this complete video of the show, you will explore these topics: 

  • Most memorable speeches ever: a prisoner of war; a bank robber: an engineer on a C-130
  • Meeting Anna Eshoo
  • Knocking the set down in first grade
  • How to hitchhike by airplane
  • “Rick, you are a show off.”
  • Friday Night Fights
  • The most passionate people
  • Why risk-taking predicts success in later life
  • How to get out of sports with a broken nose
  • Why being in a group extends our lives
  • How to make fun of motivational speakers
  • Why you should speak naked at least once
  • Q: How do computers work?  A: ESP
  • Harrison Avenue block party and Andy Rios

Take away message: “This moment is more precious than you think.”


2 thoughts on “Missed My Show? Here It Is In Living Color!!!

  1. Geoffrey R Woolhouse says:

    Hi Rick,
    Your Best Man Geoff here. Please keep me informed about your shows. They always give me a chuckle. What is the date of the next one?

  2. Bob says:

    As before, terrific work, Rick. I’m having to give a little video comment to a retiring nurse in our Hayward group, and watching your show was perfect timing.

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