The Little iPad That Could

The Little iPad That Could


So, I have an old, obsolete iPad. Before sending it off to electronic recycling, I wanted to see if I could break it.

There is a famous story that as the new iPhones were being developed in 2007, Steve Jobs pressured the CEO of Corning Glass to develop a tough, scratch-resistance glass that could be used on the new product. Working under insane deadlines (typical), Corning came up with a new product that was “bullet-proof.”  “Really?” I thought.

So I loaded up my pellet rifle and pummeled the iPad, just to see. Sure enough, after about 30 rounds, the glass held. It simply would not break.

Take a look,


Now, if I’d used a shotgun – different story –  and I suspect the neighbors might have had something to say about it.



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