PMS 80.0 Total Improv / Turn Nortre Dame Into a Museum


PMS 80.0 is History!


My PMS 80.0  show on Saturday April 13 reminded me of the old (tasteless) joke: “Well, other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the show?” Three hours before show time, I got a notice that the theater had cancelled the show because of a power outage in downtown Redwood City. WOW. Over 80 people coming, some from as far away as Truckee and Fresno. Six months in development. Poof. Gone just like that. What happened next was amazing.

I had booked a nearby restaurant, Arya, for a wine and chesse respection after the show. By 11:30, the manager and I had worked out a way for me to present the show in the restaurant instead of the theater. He (Steve) and his team swung into action and rearranged the place for theater seating. I yanked a sheet off our bed and hung it on the wall. I pressed into service an ancient projector and sound system. As they arrived, the audience was shocked to see a sign at the theater that the show had been moved. Everyone found the new location, and the atmosphere was jovial.  We had more people than the theater could’ve accommodated. What a save. Except for a few missed slides and props, the show went as planned. The audience and restaurant staff could not have been better. As I’ve always said, “The Lord works in mysterious ways.” If he does, why the hell did he let the power go out in the fist place?

The Show





The Party

Thanks to the generosity of Harlan Crowder and Gary Hermensen, the show generated an extra $300 which I donated to Planned Parenthood. Here I’m with Redwood City Center Manager, Leslie MacConnell.










The Book Has Arrived!

To get your autographed copy, send $30 (includes shipping and handling) to:

1233 Harrison Ave., Redwood City, CA 94062


Photo: Hal Anjo

Notre Dame,  1968

(my photo)

…and now, for a minority opion.

Everyone I know is in deep mourning about the fire damage to this iconic cathedral. Me… not so much. Like all churches, synagogues, temples, Notre Dame is a testament to our frailty, need for meaning, and fear of death. This church claims to have the crown of thorns worn by Jesus at his crucifiction, a nail and piece of wood from his cross. Seriously? Two thousand years later, and somehow this is his actual crown of thorns. Really? Seems to me it is just evidence of our dumb thinking. Church attendance is dropping like a stone in Europe and many other “first world” countries. We may be at a tipping point regarding the decline of religion.

But wait! The financial elite have donated almost a billion euroes for the repair of this throwback to the magical religious thinking of the dark ages. Yes, yes, yes – I get the importance of this building as art, history, and architecture. So let’s restore it as a museum, and let the religious part fade into the history books. Why are the ruling classes so interested in preserving religion? Two words: labor force.


Financial elite to the workers: “Look, I know you have a shitty life here on earth, but remember this: the Bible says ‘The meek shall inherit the earth.’ You are the meek. So, for now, just keep working. In the next life, everything will be great for you.” What a con job and major-league bullshit.

Voltaire said, “The comfort of the rich depends on an abundant supply of the poor.” So, no birth control or abortion, and lots of religion. Our father who art in Heaven, blah, blah, blah.








7 thoughts on “PMS 80.0 Total Improv / Turn Nortre Dame Into a Museum

  1. Ex-members of Rick’s Neighborhood says:

    Rick, the only thing that would have been worse is if they were leaf blowing around the restaurant. I guess you dogged that bullet. Congratulations from Martha and I. We wish we could be there to have celebrated with you. Perhaps we’re there at the PMS 90 show. I hope Portland is on your traveling show schedule. I promise no leaf blowing up here and if the electricity goes out we have beer generated power in abundance.

    All our best
    Marty and Martha

  2. Dorothy Klein says:

    Rick~glad your show went on! As for “restoring Notre Dame” my question is, who is going to do the work? Will they be well-paid? Will they be offered French citizenship? Hmm?

  3. Pamela E Evans says:

    And, the show must go on! That must be your mantra. So sorry we missed it. But, I can’t wait to receive your book! Congratulations, Rick!

  4. Mary Warren says:

    Tell us what you really think about religion, Rick! We were just laughing at the tale of a friend whose mother thinks she has a feather from the wing of angel Gabriel. Glad your event went so well. John had great stories from it. Well done, Mister, and this WILL go on your permanent record!

  5. Bill says:

    Sorry to have missed your show on the 13th. And save a book for Eileen and me. Check’s in the mail I think.

    As to Notre Dame. I was also there in ’68!. In early April, the day before MLK was assassinated.

    I was upset by the fire. How could you not be when something that started to be built more than 850 years ago was going up in smoke? Anything that has stood that long, and there are not many, anything that is the result of human labor and mind-blowing engineering about 45 generations ago and still stands, deserves to be mourned.

    I agree it’d be better to restore it as a museum rather than a church, except for the 4th confessional on the left. That’s where your father-in-law and mine, trying in February, 1944 to get out of occupied France after having been shot down while on a reconnaissance flight, went to “confession” to find out from a British undercover “priest” where he should go next to be rescued. He did and he was. But I suppose even that confessional could properly be part of a museum as far as that “priest” and our father-in-law are concerned. It’s unlikely either of them took communion in the church.

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