Stories of Love and Passion

Roots / Risk / Community / Legacy

If I invited you to share the stories of your life, bet you’d talk about where you started out, risks you took along the way, what your work has meant to the world, and what you’d like to be remembered for – some of those, if not all. These are the things that made up the stories I shared in my last show in June. Feedback has been terrific, often in the form of “When are you going to do another show?” I’m giving it some thought. I struggle with the question, “Once my friends have seen the show, how do I get it out to the wider community?” In other words, “How do I fill up the theater with strangers?” If you would like to see the show again (with some important changes), or you’d recommend it to others, please let me know.

In the meantime, the show is up on Vimeo if you have not seen it, or want to see it again:


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