Fire in the Belly: Stories of Love and Passion

Get Tickets!Henry David Thoreau: “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”
Rick Gilbert: “Nonsense.”

My new show, “Fire in the Belly: Stories of Love and Passion” is scheduled for July 23rd at the Dragon Theater in Redwood City. Please save the date.

Many people live with love and passion all around us. Some are famous, some are not. Come hear and see (video) their stories. You will be entertained and inspired by people like: the Redwood City Iron Workers; Janis Joplin; Gloria Steinem; Norma McCorvey (“Jane Roe” of Rove v. Wade fame); Drag Racing’s “Big Daddy” Don Garlits; Dave Brubeck; Clint Eastwood, and many more.

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2 thoughts on “Fire in the Belly: Stories of Love and Passion

  1. Kathryn Teakle says:

    Rick, you are amazing. I do read your things that come up on my screen and admire your energy and interest in people and your sharing of their stories. Keep it up. I’d love to come to your show but I’ve just returned to my home in Australia after a lovely visit to Berkeley including Berkeley High where we were in the same class. You may remember that we even went to nursery school together and you demonstrated something to me that I tried without much success. Best wishes to you.

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