3 thoughts on “This Is Going On Your Permanent Record !

  1. Marguerite McIntyre says:

    Happy New Year to the lovely boy whose permanent record is represented here. I would so like to join you on the remaking of what I expect to be a lurid, hilarious and poignant, dossier of RG adventures. But I will enjoy it much more after my cochlear implant, which I just acquired, is enabled and I’m hearing again. The timing is bad since that enabling doesn’t begin until Jan. 20.
    I’ll look forward to rebroadcasts, even a DVD with subtitles. Or better yet a private showing on a vr device.
    Regarding reunion gathering, it will happen soon, perhaps as soon as February, if everyone still wants and is able to mobilize.
    Love to you and break a leg!

  2. Fritz Brauner says:

    Rick –

    I’m sorry to inform you that I WILL be able to attend your performance tomorrow night!

    (TMI: Kim’s husband Peter stepped on a nail yesterday, is unable to walk, and so out company dinner scheduled for tomorrow night has been postponed).

    Looking forward to a one-of-a-kind performance from a one-of-a-kind friend!

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