Sharing Our Stories: Samples

Have you ever been transfixed by a powerful story, well told? Bet you have. We live in an emotional sea of stories: friends and family, business presentations, movies, popular songs, religion, etc.  Good stories can captivate and delight us.

My new audiobook, Sharing Our Stories; Tales of Resilience and Renewal is loaded with such stories. 


Please listen to these samples:

Mentor: Congresswoman Anna Eshoo


Legacies: Iron Workers


Fear: Oakland cop: “Who do I shoot first?”


Fear: Psych patient with a huge knife


Inspiration: Gloria Steinem – Stories I’m told


For more information:


A Passionate Piece of Work

Absolute perfection. This is so polished and flows so well. Rich, captivating, and professionally done. A passionate piece of work. What a gift it is for all who listen.

                                                                                        – Rachel Oppedahl 


You manage so well to weave stories that provoke understandings as to what a  truly lived life is all about. I hear compassion,. I hear truths. I hear pain. I hear forgiveness. I hear humor. Lastly, I hear mostly love.

                                                                                       – Marty Horowitz

Curiosity and Warmth 

Your curiosity and warmth with your interviewees are what drives it all along. Your audio delivery is really good. Usually I prefer to read stories, but not in this case. 

                                                                                      – Pat Titus


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