Weekly Rant!

Weekly Rant

Notice From the Texas State Legislature to Poor Texas Women

1) To protect you from nonexistent voter fraud, we are making it very hard for you to vote

2) To protect you from government intrusion, we are making it hard for you to get the Covid vaccine

3) Because life is in God’s hands, we are making it impossible for you to get an abortion.

So here you are:   poor, black, Covid-infected pregnant young person without a voice in our democracy. When you show up at the community hospital to deliver your Covid-infected baby (since you have no money), we tax payers will, reluctantly,  cover these costs one way or another.

What possible benefits to the ruling elites is it to have such a large, helpless and hopeless population?

Texas talks about succession.

…and the problem is?


Separation of Church and State

I am so offended by President Biden ending every speech with “May God protect our troops.” What nonsense. BTW Joe, why didn’t God protect those poor soldiers at the Afghan airport? Guess God didn’t hear your prayer. Either your invisible man in the sky doesn’t exist, or, he has other things to do. You know, like deciding who wins the Friday night football game. 

Here’s an idea: all politicians, especially presidents, stop with the formulaic speech ending: “May God bless you and may God bless the United States of America.” Let’s get God out of politics.

Forget the Carrot. Time for the Stick.

Let’s stop trying to “persuade” the anti-vaxers. Make it mandatory, just like so many other things in our society, like sending your kids to public school:

Immunizations required to enter Kindergarten:

* Polio

* Diphtheria and  Tetanus

* Measles, Mumps, and Rubella 

* Hepatitis B

* Chickenpox

OMG, did you say “required?” Like mandatory? Like forced? Yep. It is called “for the common good.” Isn’t that the dreaded “SOCIALISM?’ Yet no one screams, “Seig Heil.” No one screams “socialism!”; No one screams, “You can’t make me. This is a free county.”

Like a petulant child refusing to be toilet trained, the anti-vaxers tighten their sphincters and scream: “You can’t make me!!!” Actually, we can make you.

Wanna drive a car? The big bad “deep state” gubment forces you to have a driver’s license, registration, and car insurance.  The state also forces you to get a smog check every year to keep your car’s license current. Wanna open a restaurant?  You are forced to submit to approval by the health department. Wanna ride a motorcycle in  California, you are forced to wear a helmet. Wanna be a psychologist, physician, hairdresser, lawyer, contractor, etc? You are forced to have a state license. The list goes on and on. 

Our politicians need to put on their “big boy pants,” and mandate vaccines. Persuasion ain’t doin’ it.   

Hospitals sometimes can’t treat serious illnesses because ICUs are filled with vaccine-refusing “It’s my freedom of choice” dumbasses. Some doctors are refusing treatment for people who willfully refuse the vaccine. There is talk of insurance companies refusing to write policies for people who won’t get vaccinated. ‘Bout time!

Isn’t it funny (tragic, actually) how the anti-vaxers from Trumpistan scream “MY CHOICE” when it comes to getting vaccinated, but not when it comes to abortion?

South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster responded to Biden’s vaccine mandate with this choice bit of rhetoric, “Rest assured, we will fight them to the gates of hell to protect the liberty and livelihood of every South Carolinian.”

How is it that so many of our fellow Americans turn out to be knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing, dueling banjo dumbfucks?

How the hell did Public Health suddenly become the enemy?

Hooray For Capitalism, Branding and Plastic-Choked Oceans

We get our clothes washing detergent in a 1.62 gallon sized “tough-as-nails” plastic container. Why? Couldn’t this laundry soap come in a cardboard container that would decompose over time?

I feel so smug as I put the empty Tide container in my blue recycling bin. Whew. Don’t blame me for the oceans choking with plastic. But wait. Studies show that only 9% of “recycled” plastic actually gets recycled.

How about Congress passing laws requiring consumer goods companies to package in more environmentally friendly ways? Ha, ha, ha. Are you kidding? Procter and Gamble who owns Tide, also owns Congress. They’d scream First Amendment and  “Free Speech.” Furthermore, “If  you try to regulate our packaging, we’ll primary you, and you’ll be out.”

Bottom line: Hope you enjoy the big, bright red Tide container floating in the Bay. It’ll be there for 10,000 years.

Think I’ll have a drink.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Rant!

  1. Susan Page says:

    I too worry about the staggering amount of waste used in packaging. It’s absurd. But no one except you and I seem to worry about it. And my sister-in-aw Phyllis who years ago led a campaign to end plastic bags in Bellingham — and lost. One big grocery chain would not back her.
    Let’s hear it for Merrick Garland who is suing Texas for depriving women of their constitutional rights. It feels like whistling in the wind, but he’s doing what he can.

  2. Bill Scanlon says:

    I’m sitting in on a “science communication” class at my local major university – allegedly (and believably) among the top 25 on Earth. One lesson of this class is “don’t tell dumbfucks they’re dumb” if you’re trying to teach them or persuade them to do something. I suppose there’s some merit in that. Yet somehow to promote not telling an obvious truth seems antithetical to a university’s purpose.

  3. Pat T says:

    Why not? Robert Kagan’s fine piece in last week’s Wash. Post, says the former guy’s
    followers love him Because of his insults (and other nasty attractions). Our anger at
    these anti-vac tantrum throwing babies is even more attractive, and is energizing us.

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