Hair On Fire

Hair On Fire!

* Vaccination Mandate!!! 

No more “choice.” 600,000 dead is not enough? Let’s stop trying to persuade people with logic, “Please, get vaccinated to protect your aging grandmother,” or the choice issue, “People need to choose to get vaccinated.”  

The anti-vaxers hate the east-coast, Ivy League, elites who run the government and who call them “deplorables,” and are telling them to get vaccinated. They’d rather die than give in. Recall the looks on the faces of the enraged rioters at the January 6 insurrection.

Game over. We need a national mandate. You’re getting vaccinated. Civil war? Maybe.

For an excellent discussion of this, tune into Sam Harris podcast #256.


* Change the Tax Code

We see billionaires taking joy rides in space. The Wall Street Journal tells me how to buy that fine “forever” watch. Price range: $8,550 (Datejust 36) to $105,400 (Royal Oak Jumbo Extra-Thin).  My current watch (Citizen) cost $120 and works just fine.

In cities around the country, we see homeless people living in tents under freeways…literally living in garbage dumps. No running water. No toilet facilities. The lucky ones live in old broken-down RVs near college campuses. Huge public health hazards I’d guess. The chimps, zebras, and panda bears in Fleishhacker Zoo in San Francisco are treated better than our fellow humans in these homeless garbage dumps.

Whatever happened to state hospitals where we housed people who could not care for themselves? Thanks to Ronald Reagan, we stopped taxing ourselves so the super wealthy could float weightless in space. Time for the dreaded “income and wealth redistribution.”


* Global Warming

The very worst thing you can do in a fight over political or religious issues is to tell your opponent, “You are wrong.” In the face of irrefutable evidence, most of us will not admit we are wrong. Being wrong is worse than death.  Well, I have a message for the far right: You are fucking wrong… about everything. Global warming is a hoax? Covid is a hoax.? Your belligerent ignorance is killing us.

With Pearl Harbor and 9/11 the country mobilized the next day. Why? The loss was visible and immediate. Global warming comes on slowly. It is hard to admit what is happening. But wait… all those egg-head scientists with their precious statistics and mathematical models have been warning us for twenty years.

The do-gooders say we must “save the planet.” News flash: the planet doesn’t need saving. The planet doesn’t care if we kill off other animal species and choke the oceans with plastic. Who does care? No one, apparently. There seems to be little political will to make the necessary changes

What? You want me to give up my lifestyle? Stop driving my 8-miles/gallon Humvee? Ha. Won’t happen. This is a free country.

With world-wide droughts, floods, raging fires, melting ice caps, and out of control pandemics, some say we are on the cusp of species extinction by 2030. The planet doesn’t care if humans are gone. The planet will be fine.

Many in Congress and their supporters in the red states hate and despise the only thing that might save us: science and rational thinking. So, we get Q-Anon and conspiracies.

Often, these same people want to solve these problems by praying to their nonexistent god. How’s that working for you?

I am hoping my daughter will not have children. It will be a horrible death for future generations.


Glad I’m not a politician.


…and now for the good news…


Last weekend, Hillside, my wonderful old grammar school in Berkeley, had a reunion. Here is the video,














6 thoughts on “Hair On Fire

  1. Michael C. Joyce says:

    Rick, Thank you! Having missed this reunion to go to a family reunion the video was both nostalgic and a source of some smiles and laughter.


  2. Harlan Crowder says:

    Re: Antivaccine morons

    If you “decide” you won’t get the vaccine, you health insurance company should “decide” to cancel your policy. If your occupation was a street performer who juggled chainsaws, it’s highly unlikely that an insurance company would underwrite your continuing good health.

    Same thing for life insurance. No vaccine, no policy. Deadly disease going around, and 95% of those infected are folks that “decided” not to protect themselves. They’ve put their life and the life of those around them on the line for their principles.

    We can fix lots of problems, but we can’t fix stupid.

  3. Susan Page says:

    Oh wow the reunion video was pure delight. How FUN! And of course, I share your rage at the anti vaxers. No matter how stupid, there is a stupid below. — I love the above comment about insuring someone who juggles with chain saws. HA, good point!

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