Why the Stormy Daniels Hurricane Won’t Sink Trump


Gotta love Stormy Daniels.

It was reported last week that while working a strip club, Ms. Daniels announced her new campaign to “Make America Horny Again.” Oh, my. This Trump presidency gets weirder by the day. Since many in “Trump’s base” are fundamentalist Christians, commentators have wondered how he maintains their support. At recent count, 19 women have filed sexual harassment complaints against Trump. The Christian right knew EXACTLY who they were electing. In fact, some far right Christian men were secrectly cheering him on, “Way to go Donald. You get to do all the things I wish I could do.” So, the real issue is not about morality. It is about loss of dignity and self-esteem.

At a recent rally, Trump was defending his impetuous decision to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum. He commented that the United States is tired of being abused and pushed around by other countries. He said we’ve been exploited for decades by bad trade deals. He said to wild applause, “It is about time we stand up to these bullies.”

This is exactly how Trump’s “red meat base” feels about how they have been treated (bullied) by the EastCoast, Ivy-League elites for decades. They elected him to “drain the swamp,” and “throw a hand grenade into Washington.” They are fed up with being a “basket of deplorables” in the “fly-over states.” Their so-called “family values” and Christian morality fly away like leaves in a storm (Stormy?) when compared to their rage at being belittled and humiliated by the elites. Losing jobs, good wages, healthcare, and homes diminishes pride and self-esteem. What do we get for all of that? Skyrocketing suicide and opioid addiction rates.

So, in essence, the message is “I don’t care who this guy sleeps with. At least he’s not buggering little boys. He is going to bring back our coal mining and manufacturing jobs, and along with it our dignity and hope for the future. I don’t care how many pussies he grabs, or if he screws porn stars.” So, out the window go the family values, and in comes hope for some semblance of self-esteem. Problem is, they don’t realize he can’t and won’t deliver on any of it.

6 thoughts on “Why the Stormy Daniels Hurricane Won’t Sink Trump

  1. Carol Fleming says:

    Hi Rick,

    Re: the loss of self-esteem in The South. I have started reading, “Strangers in Their Own Land”, by Arlie Hochschild
    and it is an eye-opener. You might want to look into it. She writes like a dream.
    Best wishes to you, fella!

  2. Hal says:

    Hi Rick, Great write up (and great photo). I agree to some extent the the East and West Coast “liberal elite” have a history of overlooking and/or taking the Trump Base for granted. The reaction of Trump’s base is also caused by the ongoing change in the county’s racial makeup. The immigration thing focuses on anchor babies and chain migration of Mexican’s and South Americans. But the changing complexion of the US includes many other non-white groups. A large part of Trump’s base has a deep seated fear of becoming a white minority with a resulting loss of white privilege. We’ll all finally have to stand in the same line.

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