Healthcare: Elephant in the Room

Healthcare: The Elephant in the Room

In a close second to global warming and income inequality, our healthcare mess is the biggest problem we face. The issue that no one will talk about is that we see healthcare as a business with shareholders, high paid executives, and profit goals. Wrong model!

Healthcare needs to be a service that all citizens are entitled to, like public education. It should be a right, not a privilege. It should be paid for by taxation. No one should make a profit off of healthcare.

For more on this, please watch this video:


3 thoughts on “Healthcare: Elephant in the Room

  1. John Warren says:

    Rick, I couldn’t agree more! The analogy to the fire department is clear and compelling. They are paid thru our taxes and they respond without question. Start Medicare at age 0 – brilliant!

  2. Eileen McGlynn says:

    Right on, Rick! Thanks for the background information on the origins of our capitalist system of healthcare. Love your analogy to the fire department and the suggestion that we as a society should take care of all of those in our society–whatever you want to call it. I’ve been asking for a long time “If we want to ‘fix’ our healthcare system, why don’t we look at what other countries are doing right and use that as our model, instead of getting mired down in this constant debate about that demonized ‘socialization’ of our system?”

  3. Susan Page says:

    What a great little talk, Rick. Brilliant! Of course, I couldn’t agree more with you and have felt this way forever. The very idea that anyone should make a profit from offering health care is beyond absurd. Maybe the only thing more absurd is prisons for profit! — I love that you took the time to tell this story. Now, if only dear Sarah (and her friends) would listen to it!


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